Un projet Labex Arts H2H
Capture et Interaction Gestes Artistiques, Langagiers et Expressifs

We present two installations: InterACTE and InterACTE'IN

Cigale InterActe


InterACTE is an artistic and interactive installation that proposes to play and to improvise with a virtual body in interaction with an autonomous digital character in an immersive virtual environment. The character can respond by generating gestures with a genetic algorithm. This algorithm is based on meaningful gestures captured on real actors (such as a mime, a poet, a linguist and a choral conductor). The installation is presented in different universes (with a skeleton in a wonder-room or with an abstract character in a world made of crystal) on two different mediums :


- The first one, InterACTE, proposes to interact in front of the digital character on a projected screen; the user can see his virtual arms and can improvise with the actor.


- The second one, InterACTE’in, allows interacting inside the virtual world (on a HMD) with his virtual body in an embodied and sensitive choreography made of gestures.



Un projet Labex Arts H2H